G30 and 915 D2 Driver Help Seniors Gain Power

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In such a powerful world, we need power in each field. We need pwer to work and live; we need power to do sports to keep fit; we also need power to meet all kinds of frustration and success. In golf, we also require power to play golf better. Today, I would like to talk about the golf clubs and pwer and also how to choose correct golf clubs forsale to gain more power. Golf  really is an interesting, even addictive sport and the best driver for senior golfers may be different to what the Tour Pros use. There are many different ways  you can swing the golf club and there is simply no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Power is not a difficult thing to young players, but not an easy thing to senior golf players especially those who are over 50. Senior golfers over 50 will tend to swing slower since they are losing strength and flexibility. This is precisely why you should take some time, do your research and pick out the best driver for your game and body. So, how do senior golfers gain power during golf playing?

Before we dive straight into picking out the drivers, you have to understand the concept of how to gain power first. The most important figures that you need to know when you are playing your driver would be your launch angle and spin rate. The faster your swing the club, the less loft you need on your driver – it’s that simple. In regards to the spin rate, the quicker you swing the club, the more spin you will generate. However, more spin on your driver will equate to reduced distance. You can counter this effect by choosing the correct shaft.

Now, let's start to pick the proper golf drivers out after confirming the shafts. Today, I want to recommend top 2 golf drivers for seniors. The first one is the titleist 915 d2 driver. As we all know, Titleist is one of the best golfing brands out there and it should not be a surprise that they produce the best drivers as well. The new 915D2, released in 2014,  is designed to optimize the launch angle with minimal spin, delivering a higher trajectory for maximum distance. This driver is great for those with a moderate to fast swing speed of 85 – 100 mph.

The second one I want to recommend is the Ping G30 Driver. The G30 driver is not only the best for seniors but also for all the players. Otherwise, it cannot be regarded as one of the best golf clubs in 2015. The new PING driver will be able to deliver great distance, but also improved accuracy. The head design may look weird to some people, but if you like it, the G30 outperforms most drivers available on the market. Compared with 915 d2, the G30 is ideal for senior golfers with a fast swing speed in excess of 100 mph.

However, usually we only need one driver, how can we make a decision among the above 2 drivers? Yes, this is a question, but this should depends on your own conditions. You should never forget that each club can make custom fittings. So, you can select the correct club according to your own swing speed and handicap.

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