Why Can G30 Be the Top Seller Over the Whole 2014?

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If you ask which series is the most popular and hottest  series since 2014, I would surely point G30 series out. Yes. you have to admit that G30 series is one of the top sellers in 2014 even in 2015. No matter golf beginners or senior golf players, I think most of you must have used the g30 series clubs and would clap your hands on their excellent performance.  Engineered on to the crown, the turbulators reduce aerodynamic drag by significantly delaying airflow separation, maintaining attached airflow around the clubhead as it approaches impact, leading to more speed.

It is reported that the G30 has been the top-selling driver, fairway wood, hybrid and iron in terms of both value and units since the introduction of the family to the market in August 2014. Accordingly speaking, PING’s G30 range has topped four of the major hardware product categories over the past 12 months. Now that the G30 series has become the most popular golf clubs, they must have the special advantage and benefit. The answer is of course yes.  It’s a tribute to our engineering team and to the hundreds of club fitters around the country who take the time to properly fit their customers for the correct ping g30 fairway wood and ping g30 irons.

Not only the irons, but also the g30 driver is always listed on the top 10 drivers or hot sellers. This can also be found on our golf store. The ping g30 driver is also available in an SF Tec version engineered for players whose shots typically end up right of the intended target.  The SF Tec, which features weight closer to the heel and lighter swingweights, improved shot bend by 12 yards when tested by Ping against the standard G30. The Turbulators also assist with aim and alignment. The higher strength/weight ratio of the T9S face material allows for a thinner, hotter face and saves 4 grams of weight. The weight savings are allocated to help position the CG lower and farther back than any Ping driver to date, ensuring high launch and optimised spin with a high MOI.

In addition, to optimise launch angle and spin, golfers can add or subtract up to 1˚ of loft using Trajectory Tuning+ Technology.  A high-balance-point TFC 419D shaft has a CG closer to the grip end, promoting a simultaneous increase in energy, momentum and inertia. The custom tuning port can accommodate a range of fitting weights and allows Ping to achieve the desired swing weight across a variety of proprietary and after-market shafts. Compared with titleist 915 d2 driver, G30 driver would be more easily in options.

If you have ever used the G30 series clubs, you would find that their ability to match the head technology with the proper shaft is allowing golfers of all skill levels to see significant distance and accuracy gains, finding more fairways and greens than ever. Although I am not a quite professional gplfer, I have been playing golf for several years since I was a child. And after using so many golf sets, I dare to say the G30 series is my favorite set. And I know that many other people also have the same feeling with me.

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