Place Your Clubs in Line with the Position

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Actually, golf is difficult not only in hitting the ball out but also many other aspects. In this articles, I want to talk about it’s difficulty in positioning the clubs correctly. Most golf players would ignore this important aspect, most golfers do not attach importance to the knowledge of where the club should be positioned. 

Proper club placement is equally as important as learning how to set up to the ball. Proper placement of the golf club during the address position is an area that is overlooked by most golfers. This position can determine why you hit some cheap golf clubs australia better than the others or why you slice long clubs and hit the short ones straight.

In the set-up position, knowledge of where the golf club should be positioned with the use of each club is very rarely discussed, but the fact is the TaylorMade SLDR Driver hits the ball; therefore, proper club placement is equally as important as learning how to set up to the ball.

If the lie angle is too flat, golfers have a tendency to catch the heel upon impact, turning the blade over, causing hooks or shots to the left. If the lie angle is too upright, the toe of the clubhead will catch the turf upon impact causing the clubface to open creating shots to the right or a slice.

When purchasing clubs or taking lessons, you should always have a professional properly fit your clubs. Always place the club properly on the ground first, and then step into your stance. This way, your body will adjust properly to each club in the bag.

In addition, you must find the proper place to set the clubhead behind the ball. If you tend to hit shots on the toe of the clubface, try addressing the ball in the heel area of the clubhead. Players who hit shots on the toe usually are pulling the club in toward their body upon impact.

Finally, if you have trouble making a full shoulder turn on your backswing try, placing the clubhead two to three inches back behind the ball at address. This will set your shoulders back to a closed position and allow you to make a full shoulder turn. 

Of course, there are many ways to hit better golf shots. But the tips above are frequently used by many golf pros, you can find this either on TV or magazines. The most important thing is that you need to do as much practice as you can. So that you can know how and where to find the best position for golf clubs.

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