Ping G25 Driver Suits Every Golf Player

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Ping have added adjustability the the G25 driver for the first time and this is a good thing. When Ping added adjustability to the Anser driver, the designers were under strict instructions not to change the shape or internal dynamics of the head. They managed this and came up with Ping's adjustbale hosel that weighs the same as the previous one and this now appears in the ping g30 driver price.

The hosel works on the principle of locking the shaft in place through contours on the shaft tip rather than grooves and it can sometimes be a little stiff to remove the head because of this. However as it is only 0.5 degrees up or down it is more of a fine tuning option to help bridge the gaps between all the various head lofts to give you the trajectory that suits you the best.

There are some sublte changes to the head shape of the G25 driver from the ping g30 Australia. It is slightly longer front to back and now looks a fraction triangular. It is also taller at the face and the sole weight at the back is less pronounced and not as tall. These are all small changes to improve the performance of the cheap golf clubs australia, but unfortunately it does not do much for the sound which as a result of the new shape is a little more piercing than before.

The driver sits well at address and even though it seems to want to fall open when you ground it, it does stay square. This could be because the more subtle shaping around the sole weight allows the camber of the sole to work with the adjustable hosel as the change in loft changes the lie fractionally.

The Ping G25 driver still gives you all the forgiveness you are used to from their G drivers. The trajectory of the G25 driver was similar to the G20 and the flight was maybe a little stronger. The G25 comes with a very good TFC189 shaft that is the same weight as the previous TFC169 at 58 grams in the stiff flex we tried. It's stability seemed good although for some reason it did feel a little heavier when swinging the club even though everything else is the same.

Moreover, the G25 driver is suitable for all stages of players at any age no matter young players or senior players. Everyone who have ever used G25 driver would know its charm.

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