My Opinion on the Difference between G25 and G30 CLubs

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I have had many Ping clubs in my bag over the years. My Ping G25 driver review started like buying any other Ping club – the online fitting. While probably not as good as an in person fitting with a Pro, the online version does a good job of recommending the right shaft and loft.

The club itself is not fancy but I would classify it as distinguished. Matte black with a simple alignment aid on the top and a shiny bottom that features only the branded ping g25 driver for sale. Worth noting is that even after 20 or so rounds, the bottom of the club has shown very little wear, which is very refreshing compared to g20 driver we review that look 2 years old after a month of play.

As with most PING clubs, the first thing that comes to mind is forgiveness. With that said, the G25 driver price is more on the forgiving side. That is not to say a player cannot benefit from the G25 driver 9.5.  I am a 9.5 handicap and hit the ball straight but not particularly far.

Again, not super sexy but when I am hitting 12 fairways and never playing out of the woods, I am all in. I also don’t want to give the impression that the ping g25 driver 10.5  is ugly, because it is far from that. It is just that you don’t have any extra glamour. It is your basic step up and smash it driver. Your working class bigstick.

Hey what about the ping g30 driver for slae? Yep, the Ping G30 driver 9 degree has just come out which means the G25 driver is now an older model. Unlike many companies, PING does not roll out multiple versions of a club each year. My guess would be that it will be the PING release cycle that becomes more normal as we enter into 2015. But, my point is, that even though the ping g25 driver specs is now one generation old, it is still a rock solid choice for the majority of golfers.

However, this does not mean that new clubs are always better than old ones. Some players prefer new clubs while some still like their old but proper clubs. So, the clubs are best clubs for you once they are proper for you and can help you improve your game.

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