Golf Bag Is Useful but Not All

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Nowadays, you can see almost all the players use a golf bag to fill it with their golf clubs. This seems much more better than taking them by hands, but this is not so sensible enough. You should know that a golf bag filling with 14 clubs is not light. You will feel tired each time you put the heavy bag on the back.

So, something else flexible is needed. But I do not mean golf bag is not needed, I mean something else is needed to carr your bag. A golf bag is still a very good cover to protect and collect all the clubs. But to save your strength and power before game, you can find something better to take your golf bag and clubs to the destination.

You can use a trolley a motorised trolley, a buggy or a caddy. But there’s this misplaced, macho notion that ‘better’ golfers – that is,single figure handicap men, women, boys and girls – always carry, so to aspire to their level of play, you have to become a donkey, too. Stop and think for a moment and I would bet that most of the ‘good’ golfers you know who cart their own gear around are also young. That’s the reason they carry, it has nothing to do with ability.

Although it’s good to have someone else doing all the donkey work, you know that he’s a single-figure player himself and, despite the words of encouragement you can’t shake off the feeling that he’s inwardly sneering at your pathetic attempts to play the game.

Using a trolley allows you to have as big a bag as you want – and if you can get all-singing, all-dancing Caddyshack version, with stereo, drinks cabinet et al, so much the better. But pulling or pushing your second home around can still put a disproportionate load onto your back, as the chances are you’ll be using only one hand.Which leaves the motorised trolley.

If you are in need of a full set of rainproofs, several hats, a sweater, just in case, four dozen golf balls in case you have your usual day, several drinks, a sandwich and a banana. No worries. And getting that little lot around the 18 holes will use up about two calories operating the twist grip throttle.

Thanks to the great golf inventions, golf players now can enjoy the game better and easier.You will focus on the game if there is no any concern on other aspects. The world is improving and developing, golf is also doing its best to become better and better. That’s why it is one of the most popular sport among all people.

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