A Golf Cart Is Needed on Golf Course

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Before discussing about which to choose on golf course, we should firstly thank to the great invention of golf cart, golfers saved time and energy by using golf carts to get to the next declination. But how about walking? Should we give up walking through the golf course and drive a cart to across the greens?

As a matter of fact, there is no doubt about it. We should keep walking! The game of golf has more traditions than any other. For centuries, golfers have competed in 18-hole rounds, a custom that originated in Scotland. The Claret Jug has been presented to Open Championship winners and across the pond since many years ago, the green jacket has become synonymous.

Patience, sportsmanship, courtesy, and honesty have been embraced for decades as golf’s most renowned ideals. But, golf’s oldest tradition – walking – is often overlooked. In 1951, Merle Williams’ Marketeer Company released its electric golf cart, which soon became popular throughout the United States. A trend began and, before too long, golfers around the world were relishing the golf cart’s mobility.

Although the cart remains popular today, you can still preserve the game’s oldest tradition by leaving it behind and encouraging future generations to continue to treasure and partake in one of golf’s original traditions.

When it comes to walking, there’s no doubting the health benefits it offers. Walking has also been proven to reduce the risk factors for many chronic illnesses, including heart disease, and in some studies has shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular ailments by up to 31 percent.

To improve the function of your heart, you should walk 18 holes three to five times per week, as most 18-hole golf courses are roughly four miles long. We don’t suggest using this study as an excuse to play golf all day everyday, but it’s certainly an affirmation that walking your round IS good for you.

In addition, golf provides you an opportunity to mingle with colleagues, friends, and relatives as a highly sociable game. By walking a course with a friend or loved one, you can converse with them frequently, as you stroll fairways, approach greens, and search for balls together. This one-on-one interaction by foot offers you an entirely different social experience than you will have if you choose to ride in a cart.

Now that walking has so many advantages, you should never forget it. Next time, when you play golf on a golf course and are going to driver a cart, why don’t think about just walking and leave the cart away? Then your health and relationship will thank you.

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