Golf Is Widely Used to Promote Business

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Nowadays, you can see many people play golf to negotiate their business. And most business can be successful via golf playing. Why? Golf seems to be a trick or bridge for business. If you play golf well, it may help you bring lots of profit. Most businesses, groups or organisations within the industry are very good at promoting their own interests.

Some of this promotion does overlap with the interest of growing the game but let’s face it, whether they are supplying, servicing, or consulting, the main objective of most companies is to promote their own business interests. Generally most of their promotion is within the golf industry and very little

Ask yourself this. What do you do to promote and grow your own business? You advertise. Why is it that we, as a golf industry group, don’t advertise? We should have ads in the papers, social media, everywhere, to promote golf? We should be shouting about the fact that golfers are generally healthier people and less of a strain on the health services.

The golf industry needs to take a proactive role in promoting all of the positives which the game of golf has to offer. We need to broadcast to the world that golf is fun healthy exercise. It teaches sportsmanship, good fellowship and good manners. The media is not going to do it for us. Did you ever see a billboard with the caption, “Relax, Reduce Stress, Spend Time With Friends In The Fresh Air - PLAY GOLF”.

We hear a lot about “growing the game” these days. In my opinion we need to grow the game from the bottom up. That means starter golf facilities close to the centre of cities and towns. Developers are unlikely to do this because the financial return from golf alone is usually not enough to cover expensive real estate costs near towns and cities. But it can happen if you have either a rich golf nut or you have government subsidies.

We have to admit that golf has been widely used to promote business. This is a good way for business. But we should not never forget the basic significance to play golf. We should play golf because we love it. This is very important.

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