Never Ignore the Importance of Golf Putting

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We are always talking about golf swing, golf clubs and many many golf tips. But we shall never forget that golf putting is the last but also very important step of a complete golf game. If you cannot do golf putting good at last, then your previous good golf swing would be useless to the whole game. To play golf better, you need to do golf putting better. But better golf putting are not only mean better golf putters. You need to know more about the importance of golf putting.

Consider the best golfers in the world: touring professionals. If the average number of greens in regulation for touring professionals as a group is approximately 12, that means that they are missing approximately one-third of the greens. But the average score for touring professionals as a group is very near par. The most blatantly telling statistic is putts per round, and the average number for touring professionals as a group is less than 30. That's how the average score gets back in the vicinity of par even with all those missed greens.

But if focus on your putting and short game, skill development and the reward of lower scores can happen much more quickly than with the full swing and the long game. And once you combine putting with chipping, and then pitching, and then greenside bunker play and the rest of the short game, the effect on your score should be substantial. This is a good news, isn’t it?

Additionally, you’d better start keeping track of how many putts you have on every hole and total them at the end of the round. Keep a running history of your putts per round. Also start doing everything you can do to improve your putting and your short game.

Golf putting is always connected with short game. So, if you want to do better golf putting, start to practice more on short game. This would help you enhance your golf putting and also the golf swing to a certain extent.

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