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If you want to improve your game, you’d better improve your short game at first. Yes, this is most way we heard from everywhere. We all know that the short game is one of the best way to improve your game. And short game is easier to play than long game. Once your short game is improved, your game will also be improved. But we should also pay attention to the long game. Today, I want to talk about how to play a better and functional long game. This might be more useful than short game.

As a group, touring professionals hit an average of approximately 12 greens in regulation in every 18 holes. Unless you are, or aspire to be, a touring professional can we agree that, given the amount of time that you have (or are willing) to practice*, it is unlikely that you will achieve those kinds of results from tee to green with your full swing?

For example, if you hit an approach shot so fat that you still have to hit another approach shot that will cost you another shot in most cases, and if you hit the ball into somebody's backyard that will certainly cost you one or more, etc.

Of course, your mechanical fundamentals need to be as good as possible in order to minimize your number of unacceptable misses. Improving your mechanical fundamentals will improve the quality of ball contact, distance control and directional control. The improvement of your technique does not happen overnight; it happens as the result of getting input and experience.

Additionally, if you want to develop your technique, you'll also need to develop your decision-making ability (decreasing the number of strokes you cost yourself with bonehead choices. Developing in this area is the result of time and experience. Try to minimize the number and effect of your "unacceptable misses". And you should also increase your percentage of "good shots".

Finally, long game is not so simple as short game. You need to learn more and practice more to improve your long game. And if you can make the long game a functional game, that would be excellent.

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