Who Should Be the First One to Play Golf?

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We need to comply with all the rules during golf playing. There are many rules in different aspects. For example, one golfer should never take more than 14 pieces of cheap golf clubs australia to greens; other golfers need to keep quiet while others are in game; golfers should keep a certain distance from other golfers and audience and so on. But today, I will talk about another rule. Whose turn is it to play? How and who to decide the sequence?

Once play is under way, the next person to play is the person who is "away," or farthest from the hole. In competitive situations this is usually adhered to pretty strictly, and in match play you cannot play the Titleist 917 D2 Driver Price out of turn without potential penalty. In casual situations it really doesn't matter much, as long as there are no safety or courtesy issues. Once you get to the next tee the honor goes to the player with the lowest score on the first hole or, if there are ties, it reverts to the order of play on the previous tee.

Determining who plays first on the first hole in competitive situations is usually done by some kind of random method. In casual situations it could be as simple as who wants to play first, but there were also a common practice for years where the members of a threesome or foursome stand facing each other in a small circle, somebody tosses a wooden tee up in the air near the middle of the circle and when it comes to rest on the ground the tip of the tee points nearest to one of the members of the group. That person goes first with his or her Titleist 917F2 Fairway Wood Australia and the procedure is repeated with the remaining players until everybody has either been "pointed at" by the tee or eliminated.

It might be a good idea to have the men play first, he can use Titleist AP2 716 Irons australia to play so that to increase the chances that the following group will not be nearby enough yet to watch. The group's preferences could just as easily be reversed and there are many possible scenarios. In situations where members of a group are playing from different tees there may have to be some variation depending on the situation, the preferences of the members of the group, the layout of the course, etc.

In a word, we have to admit that it is nice to know the rules, and it's nice to follow them. Once there is rule, there is game. Then, everyone will enjoy the game and would like to take part in this kind of competition.

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