Have You Ever Misread any Terminology in Golf?

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When you like one sport or party, you will find many interesting things and then love it. At first, you may not like those words and feel awkward. But once you are used to hear them and then try to use them, you will find everything easy. All walks of life has its own terminology, so does in golf. If you have played golf for several years, you must have already been used to the golf terminology. But for a golf beginner, golf terminology is difficult to understand. Beginners would ask “What does that mean?” and always misread many of them.

Golf lingo is something that you pick up over time, just by being around the game. But there are some terms or phrases thrown about that might be confusing until you get used to them. I learned most of these things as a junior player, so it is easy for me to take it all for granted now. But here are some clarifications on some things that people tend to wonder about and that I am asked about from time to time.

It seems pretty clear that on a baseball bat (which is generally upright in a player's ready position) the "bottom" is the handle, or grip end, and the "top" is the meat or wide end. Therefore, if you wanted to make the length of the bat or lever shorter you would choke up. But on the cheap golf clubs australia, you'd probably think of the grip as the top and the club head of a Callaway XR Driver Australia as the bottom. Therefore the same idea, shortening the length, might be more intuitively thought of as choking down, rather than up. But it's the same thing. Whether you call it choking up or choking down it means moving your hands to make the lever shorter.

In addition, “inside the leather” is an old expression referring to putters and how close the ball is to the hole. The word inside tends to mean closer than and outside farther than. So inside the leather would mean closer than the the leather. Many people ask, "Does that mean from the top end of the grip to where the shaft starts or from the club head of a set of Callaway X2 Hot Irons price to where the grip starts?" It means the latter. Inside the leather is generally thought of as the ball being less than the distance from the club head to where the grip starts and it is typically measured by hooking the end of the putter in the lip of the cup, similarly to if you were hooking the tab of a tape measure on the lip.

Also, have you ever heard “Club up & Club down”? The easiest way to differentiate clubbing "up" from clubbing "down" is to think about it in terms of the distance that the club provides. If you wanted to club up from a 7 iron the next step would be a 6 iron, as it provides more distance than a 7. You could get confused if you thought of it in terms of the club's number. Clubbing up could also be referred to as taking "more club" or using a "stronger" club, as clubbing down could be referred to as taking "less club" or using a "weaker" club.

The above words are just few part of golf terminologies. If you know more knowledge about golf after reading this article, I will feel happy. Sometimes, your game will be improved once if you know more about golf.

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