Draw up a Routine before Swing

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Things would always become easier and more clear if you make a place or routine before doing something. This is the same in golf. Once you take part in a golf game, you need to prepare many things such as cheap golf clubs australia, golf bag, ball, cap, glove, towel and also a good routine. In my opinion, routine is much more important than those golf accessories. With a good routine, you would know where you go and how will you play or practice. Maybe you can also draw up this kind of routine together with your friends or partners.

So, how to make a pre-shot routine? A pre-shot routine is good for eliminating extraneous thoughts prior to hitting a golf shot and "grounding" a player, getting them to focus more exclusively on the shot at hand. Why? Because executing a pre-shot routine requires the focus of conscious attention on relevant tasks, thereby eliminating or at least reducing any extra time to attend to irrelevant or unwanted things.

Though there is a lot of variation between players and styles, it is safe to say that the pre-shot routine for each player covers the details that are important to that player. Placement of the hands on the Titleist 917 Driver, body alignment, placement of the Titleist 917F2 Fairway Wood on the target line, shot visualization, a certain number of waggles, or a certain number of looks to the target are a few of the possibilities that a player might include in their pre-shot routine.

Some players may consider their pre-shot routine to begin when they select a Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter australia from their bag. Others may consider the pre-shot routine to start when they approach the ball. Developing your pre-shot routine may happen quickly or it may take a while. It will take some careful thought and some conscious and deliberate practice. Just be sure to include the details that are important to you, and match your style and rhythm.

And keep in mind that your own personal pre-shot routine should fit your style and rhythm as a player. What I mean by this is that you should try to match the tempo or rhythm of your pre-shot routine to that of your personality and how you play golf. For instance, if you are a very fast paced individual it probably wouldn't work very well for you to have a long, drawn out, methodical and slow paced pre-shot routine.

Anyway, it is a good habit to do some preparations no matter what you do. And if you are a golfer who always do this before a game. You would find that most of the things you listed in the routine would be helpful.

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